Fidel Systems are widely known for Industrial storage racks manufacturer & supplier in India. As well as, expert team to help you to optimize and recover the floor space. We are using superior wheel & rail construction to make run smooth as well as to increase the durability of compactor storage systems.

Our compactor storage systems help to store a wide variety of article such as files, books, documents, medicines, raw materials & crates etc. Fidel compactor storage racks provide storage space as well as security with the locking systems. We offer individual locking systems for each unit and also offering to centralize locking systems to lock entire compactor systems. As per security purpose, unauthorized people can’t access any of article which has a store in the mobile compactor.

Offering customizes compactor racks systems as per each customer requirement. The main advantage of customizing mobile compactor is going to be fit perfectly as per floor space & wall height. For the manufacturing of industrial storage racks, we using all superior quality of material & C.R.C.A steel. The superior quality of material gives long lasting compactor storage racks durability & minimum maintenance cost.

Being ISO 9001:2008 certified company for industrial storage racks manufacturer & supplier in all over India at the competitive price. Before sending to the customer, our mobile compactor has clear all quality parameter test with the quality master.

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  • Material : Using superior quality of C.R.C.A steel.
  • Finishing : We use Power coated up to 70 microns with 8 tank process to finishing mobile compactor storage rack.
  • Locking Systems : As security purpose, we offer individual locking systems as well as centralize locking.
  • Uses & Versatile : CorporateLibrary, Banks, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Corporate office, School, Warehouse, Logistics, Hospital, Factories etc.
  • Easy to move each storage shelves with the drive mechanism and hand pull.
  • Prevent from dust & water.
  • Prevent access by unauthorized people with locking facility.
  • The best solution to optimum floor space.
  • Easy accessibility with any of article – Save time & effort.