Fidel System is mobile compactor storage system manufacturer & supplier in India. In today’s commercial world optimum utilization of the space is a stiff challenge. The mobile compactor is just the perfect solution that provides maximum space utilization to the end-user.

Our expert team manufactures the mobile compactor storage system in such way, which help you to install or reinstalled compactor easier. As well as, we used sophisticated wheel & rail construction in our mobile compactor that helps to increase its durability. Every individual mobile compactor storage system comes up with individual locking system. when it fully compacted or utilized fully inside compactor space than it’s going to locked entire system ultimately with single locking operation.

During the manufacturing of mobile compactor, we going to use superior & prime quality of steel, which is passed through 8 tanks. So, our mobile compactor storage system comes up with superior feature like anti dust solution, maximizes store capacity, long durability, art power coating and many more. Our mobile compactor also gives you easy access to your files & thing, sophisticated wheel & rail construction will help you to shift entire rows of compactor easily.

Fidel system is always going to give 100% product assurance because during the manufacturing of mobile compactor store system have to pass with the quality controller of a master expert. We also offer customized size of the mobile compactor as per our client requirement. We design our mobile compactor as per the floor space availability for movement. Client send us product requirement in below format.

Height Customized
Size (Length x Width) Customized
Storage Capacity Customized
Material Prime Mild Steel CRCA
Coating Anti-rust zinc/nickel coating

This mobile compactor storage system is mostly used in all industries such as banks & other financial institution, hospital, libraries, factories, private corporates & public sectors, defense, railway, jewelry's shops, automobile sector etc.
We are one of leading mobile compactor storage system manufacturer & supplier in India, many of happy client makes us more motivated for making the manufacture & supplying superior quality of mobile compactor for space utilization

  • The best solution for maximize storage capacity at an incredible price.
  • Customized compactor storage system with Accurate dimensions.
  • Consumes little space maximizes store capacity.
  • Get Prevents from dust, insects etc.
  • Customized solution is offering as per individual client requirements.
  • Construction :Compactor made from prime quality C.R.C.A material.
  • Finish :Powder Coated up to 70 microns with 8 tank process.
  • Locking :We offer individual compactor locking as well as centralized locking. Individual locking operated with signal rack & Centralized locking operate when you arrange all rack together. After centralized lock, no units will get to access.
  • Indexing Arrangement : We Offer you, Acrylic card holders (2 Nos.) which gives on the front panel to get easy identification & retrieval.
  • Versatility :hospital, libraries, factories, financial institution, private corporates & public sectors, defense, railway, jewelry's shops, automobile sector.